Your suitcase is past the weight limit…

When taking trips by car, you can take your big shampoo and conditioner bottles as you have room in the car . When you are taking a trip by plane, you have limited space and weight in your suitcase. I am getting ready to take a two week trip by plane and didn’t want to surpass the weight limit of suitcases according to TSA. I needed an alternative…

I saw an advertisement for Gemz on social media which claims to be shampoo and conditioner tablets that work just as well as your own shampoo and conditioner. They are small and can fit in your suitcase with less weight and approved by TSA. It was worth a try and this is what I found out.

I ordered 2 different shampoos and 1 conditioner for the trip with my husband. I choose to get 14 of each mainly because it was a better price than ordering 7 of each. For me I ordered a voluminizing shampoo and my husband ordered a pure scalp shampoo (basically because he has very little hair). I also ordered a profound moisture conditioner.

Each individual packet looks like this when you open it up. You place them in the palm of your hand and enough water to make a lather.

Each shampoo and conditioner lathered enough to shampoo and apply conditioner to our hair. They worked well for both myself and my husband. I have medium length hair and I thought I would have to use 2 of the conditioner tablets because I typically use a lot of conditioner. I was pleasantly surprised that that was not needed.

As part of the order, you can get this bag to recycle the plastic part of the tablet case. Just fill it up and send it back for no charge. The bag is free with your order. How much do they cost? For each bundle of 14, the cost is $11.99 and the company had a discount so I got 36 tablets for $28 which includes the taxes.

This product definitely lived up to it’s claims and will be going on the trip!! More travel products to come!!

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