Hit the Pause Button Quick!

As I head out on vacation next month, I am reminded about the pause button. We live our lives so full that we are running at such a fast pace that hitting the pause button is a necessity.

There are new jobs, old jobs, deadlines, requests, phone calls, endless emails, countless meetings and that is only if you have one job. Adding a second job and extra activities that we volunteer for can give us a stressful life. Taking a vacation or pausing allows us the chance to step away for a short period of time.

Time off from work and our daily routine allows us to forget the deadlines, wake up each morning without any alarms, eat leisurely, play leisurely. It allows us to rejuvenate our mind, body, and spirit. Although vacation is not unlimited, unless you are independently wealthy or retired, it allows us enough rest before we have to tackle our busy life again.

So whether you have vacation or time off, you need to take it. Go on vacation, go for a hike, read a book, see a movie, anything that takes you away from work and the routine of your life.

Bon Voyage and hit the pause button!!!

“Wander often, wonder always. “


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