Traveling-What’s the Attraction?

“Written by me from my husband’s point of view”-humor

I could see it in her eyes. That look only meant that she was thinking of a far away place to visit. She was either looking at world maps looking at an international destination or planning a domestic trip on Roadtrippers. Next, she would be looking at lodging on

She loved to travel. She loves to go see new destinations and experience new cultures. When she gets to the destination, she is a true tourist and goes from morning to night visiting local attractions, restaurants, and of course, gift shops. I am, of course, along for the ride.

I am her husband and I don’t particularly like to travel abroad. I am uncomfortable with different environments, languages, and monetary systems. I would rather travel domestically but not really. If I must go on a trip, I would like to relax and not run all day long.

I am all for trying new restaurants, but I like American food. She likes to try different cuisine and doesn’t want to eat that often while being a tourist. Gift shops are so expensive with different merchandise unless it is a t-shirt or a hat, which then I am for souvenirs.

My ideal of a getaway vacation is to pack up the camping equipment and head to the campsite to enjoy some nature. Making a fire and cooking dinner is the best meal whether it is freezing cold or extremely hot. Relaxing by the fire reading a book is what a relaxing vacation should be.

She has a bucket list and I do not. She asked me, “Isn’t there any place that you have dreamed of going” I replied, “No.” I guess that is the difference between a dreamer and a non-dreamer. I don’t see the attraction of traveling. I do, however, see the attraction of her so that is why I go along for the ride.

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