Postcards from Portland..

Flew into Portland, Maine airport and saw a stuffed Moose and I knew this was going to be a special trip!! We took ‘The Real Portland Tour’ that we found through which I have found very useful during the trip to the Northeast.

On previous trips, I haven’t taken a lot of tours preferring to check out the towns myself. For the Northeast trip, I decided to schedule tours for the adventures that I was interested in. I started with Trip Advisor, however, I liked using Viator better and seemed easier to use at least for me anyway. This provides you with tours that are run by locals and they share so much more information about the history of the town.

Our tour guide drove us around in a van that had 12 people which was nice as it was a small tour. He showed us downtown Portland’s Old Port which had numerous restaurants and shops along the Portland Bay. This area keeps the history of Portland alive while South Portland allows more chain restaurants so the historical feel is not felt as much.

As you are wondering, what about the lighthouses? He took us to a couple of places that take your breath away with beauty. The pictures remind me of postcards that you would find in a store.

The first place was Fort Williams Park and the view is breathtaking of the lighthouse, cliffs, and water crashing on the rocks. See the gallery below.

Next, we went to Bug Light Park and saw Bug Light and Spring Point Ledge Lighthouses. ⬇️

After lunch, we went to the Old Port area and had lunch at the The Porthole Restaurant and Pub. The restaurant is wharf side and has fabulous food and a great atmosphere. I had my first Lobster 🦞 roll!!

If you are ever visiting Portland, be sure and take a tour to see the lighthouses and check out the Old Port area! The lobster awaits!!

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