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Chasing Waterfalls-Dogwood Canyon

Dogwood Canyon Nature Preserve

“This is the first blog in the series Chasing Waterfalls.”

On a mid-September weekend the search for waterfalls began as we headed to Ozark country in Missouri. The destination was Dogwood Canyon Nature Preserve located in Lampe, Missouri, which is about 30 miles from Branson, Missouri. As a lifetime resident of Missouri and my first trip, this location didn’t disappoint on waterfalls and had so much more!!

Dogwood Canyon Nature Preserve is 10,000 acres of natural beauty and rugged scenery that straddles the Missouri-Arkansas border. In the morning, we took a 2-hour tram ride throughout the nature preserve. We saw waterfalls, babbling brooks, beautiful scenery, bison and elk!

By far the best waterfall is a waterfall you can walk behind!!!

Although we went chasing waterfalls, Dogwood Canyon has so many activities for anyone that loves the outdoors. Check out below ⬇️

If after checking out the activities or just walking the trails, you can refresh yourself at Canyon Grill Restaurant or check out the gift shop. Great food and drink at the restaurant and of course, stopped at the gift shop for some treats for the granddaughters!!


There is an admission ticket and activities tickets required at Dogwood Canyon. The location and the website link are listed below ⬇️. For the map lovers, a map of the nature park is also below ⬇️.

Map of the Nature Preserve

Rating A+. Next Stop 🛑: North Carolina

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