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Grand Canyon-How Grand It Is!

The Grand Canyon is a landmark that everyone knows about or has visited. To say that it is majestic is an understatement. When we visited the Grand Canyon, we were there in November and it was snowy. The best time to visit is April through June before the heat escalates unless you are snowbird!!

Map of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has three rims (North, South, and West). When we visited the Grand Canyon, we visited the South Rim which is the most popular rim. Approximately 6 million people visit each year. The West Rim doesn’t have as many visitors, however, is starting to become more popular with 1 million visitors per year. The West Rim has an horseshoe-shaped observation deck that stretches over the edge of the Grand Canyon. At the time we were there, the North Rim was closed for the winter season.

West Rim Observation Deck

So how big is the Grand Canyon?

Things you didn’t know about the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Village

Among hotels, restaurants, and shops, there are activities in the village. One activity that we did is at the Grand Canyon Railway. We took a train from the village (which is west of the South Rim) and travels to the South Rim. It is a beautiful ride along the canyon with authentic characters that brings the Old West to life on the train ride.

Grand Canyon Railway

Other Village Activities

If you get a chance to see the Grand Canyon, it is worth the trip!! Enjoy the pictures from our trip!! Last picture is a display that shows the different layers of rock in the canyon!!

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