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Hoover Dam-Dam It’s Amazing

One fall we took a trip to the Southwest and after our trip to the Grand Canyon, we made a stop at the Hoover Dam. So glad that we did!! For those of you that are a little far from the history books, let’s start with a little history before we talk about why to visit!

What is the Hoover Dam?

As the Southwest was developing at the turn of the century, farmers were looking to divert the raging Colorado River into smaller canals so that budding communities could continue to develop. In 1905, the Colorado River broke through the canals and something had to be done to tame the Colorado River.

The Bureau of Reclamation devised a plan to build a dam in Black Canyon which is located on the Arizona-Nevada border. The dam would control flooding and would provide hydroelectric power that would be sold to pay for the cost of the dam. The water would eventually be divided among six states (Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California).

Laborers in the Great Depression flocked to Las Vegas for a chance to work on the dam, Eventually, a town called Boulder City was born 6 miles away for all the workers. The first step was to divert the Colorado River so the construction on the dam could begin. The canyon was blasted to make 4 diversion tunnels which was 140 degrees in the heat. Second, the walls of the canyon were cleared from debris that would hold the dam. The cement was mixed and hoisted on cables across the dam row by row. The heat has to be offset by the cooling concrete so 600,000 pipes were embedded in the concrete to circulate water to cool the cement. On September 30, 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated the Hoover Dam.

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The project made the largest man-made reservoir (at the time) which is Lake Mead. The project irrigates via Lake Mead 2 million acres and it turbines generate enough electricity to power 1.3 million homes. It wasn’t until 1985 that Hoover Dam was designated a National Historic Landmark and one of seven modern America’s Civil Engineering Wonders in 1994. Each year, Lake Mead draws 7 million visitors and the Hoover Dam draws 10 million visitors.

Facts About Hoover Dam (You Might Not Know)

What to do at the Hoover Dam??

A great place to check out!! Hoover Dam and Lake Mead provide the scenery for some great photo shots. Check these out:

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