We All Need Support!

“This is the sixth blog in the Caregiver series that discusses support groups.” The quote really speaks to all especially those who have received diagnoses. After my husband’s diagnosis in October 2021, you are in a whirlwind of your mind grasping the diagnosis, doctor’s appointments, durable medical equipment, and medical tests. After several months, you… More We All Need Support!

Is this helping me?? 💊

‘This is the fifth blog in the Caregiver Series that discusses medication.’ When you are younger, you marvel at the medicine bottles that your grandparents and parents have and then suddenly…. …you use the cabinet over the microwave for your medicine bottles!! Being diagnosed with IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) there are two medications that doctors… More Is this helping me?? 💊

Retirement-My Choice??

‘This is the fourth blog in the Caregiver Series which discusses reinventing yourself. ‘ From the time we are growing up, we hear the word ‘retirement’. It first is referenced to our grandparents but we think it is what older people do after all, it doesn’t really affect us. All we care about is getting… More Retirement-My Choice??